Jessica Huston

Artist, 32

Private Student Loan Balance: $61,500
(Have been paying $586/mo. For 10 years, Equals approx. another $70,000. Never missed a payment)

Federal Student Loan Balance: $73,000
(Currently under an IBR (income based repayment) plan which makes my payments $0/mo.)

Approx Total Student Loan Debt (including accrued and capitalized interest): $204,500

I went to school to major in painting and print making because I am an artist. I have used the skills I learned in my work and added other business skills along the way. College was invaluable in showing me who I truly am through art. I currently manage a Menswear Boutique in Los Angeles and supplement my income with other odd jobs including selling my art at he store.

If I didn’t have student debt, I would have money to put away for my daughters college fund so she would never have to be in this situation. I would be able to afford to live in a place with a little more room. My daughter is growing up. I would be able to take care of maintenance on my car and anything else that might break or need attention. I would be able to take my daughter on a vacation. Being free from debt would help me sleep better at night.

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