Roadmap for a Student Debt-Free Future

Roadmap for a Student Debt-Free Future

June 13, 2022
By:  Freedom to Prosper Team

Since Mary and Steven Swig co-founded the National Student Debt Jubilee Project in 2014 (transitioning later into the Freedom to Prosper organization), the movement to #CancelStudentDebt has blown the barn doors off political activism across the nation.

Support for student debt cancellation continues to build amongst policy-makers, economists, major labor unions, and millions of families across the country.

And while student debt cancellation gets closer and closer to becoming a reality, we also must focus on policies that plug the firehose of student debt from accumulating for the next generation of students.

There are two bills currently in Congress that would help make real progress, and we encourage our elected leaders to support and co-sponsor:

  1. Debt-Free College Act: Authorizes a state-federal partnership to assure access to a debt-free public college option.
  2. Tax-Free Pell Grant Act: Eliminate tax on Pell Grants and other federal, state, and institutional grants used to offset living expenses while enrolled in postsecondary education.

But there are a number of additional policy ideas that could go even further in reducing the financial burden to seeking higher education in America, and we will explore them in the months ahead. These policies and investments would allow our country to return to a community age, when we valued our collective education as a greater good for society.

Together, these policies along with full student debt cancellation will create a roadmap for a student debt-free future.


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