October 3, 2022
By:  Freedom to Prosper

Every election seems more consequential than the last. So much is on the ballot this November: reproductive rights, a livable economy, and the future of our democracy. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

We’ve explained before how student debt cancellation could motivate an important part of the electorate. Now that the Biden Administration is cancelling up to $20,000 of public student loan debt, we’re urging borrowers and their loved ones to engage in the political process by telling their friends: they are Student Debt Voters!

No one should sit out this upcoming election.

We must stop the endless cycle of student debt. But that will only happen if we elect leaders who value higher education as a public good – and as a benefit to society overall. It’s wrong for our federal government to burden its own people with crippling debt simply because they want to improve themselves and their communities.

We celebrate the Biden Administration’s bold move. Here at Freedom to Prosper, we will continue to advocate for full student debt cancellation, and for debt-free higher education that will end this cycle of debt. We know you share our vision of higher education for all and will keep fighting for it.

But to make that happen, we must VOTE!  Instead of building on what has been done, the forces of reaction are trying to undo student debt cancellation through lawsuits and other non-democratic means. If those forces retake Congress they will destroy, not build, the movement toward freedom, opportunity and prosperity that student debt cancellation represents. We can’t let that happen.

Student Debt Voters are a strong voting bloc. We have the power. Let’s use it!

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share this graphic on social media today. Remember to vote by November 8th!

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